Blockchain development is hard. We get it.

Abachi Labs exists to deliver robust blockchain solutions for your business challenges. We ensure a frictionless blockchain experience so you can do what you do best.

Problems, meet solutions!

Abachi Labs is a blockchain consulting, development and education solutions company. Our goal is to remove a lot of inefficiencies in the way projects adopt & implement blockchain technology, and deliver robust solutions to complex business problems.

Whether you are looking to make a foray into the blockchain space, select a protocol for development, launch a new decentralized product/service or just strengthen your presence in the market, partner with us for guidance.

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How can we help?

Consulting & Management

Not everything requires a blockchain, and some things may benefit from a hybrid model. Our team of experts specialize in building for major banks in US, UK and Australia, and understand OpenBanking, KYC, e-Invoicing, Layer 2 trade-offs etc.

We bring nearly a decade of blockchain development, security & implementation experience, and can help you choose the right platform suitable for developing your solution.

Smart Contract Development

A lot of blockchain programmers lack the fundamental understanding when it comes to algorithmic software programming, and may not be best equipped to develop a secure, optimized, and dependable enterprise infrastructure. This leaves many businesses frustrated with the outcome, and end up wasting valuable time and money.

Our team brings decades of battle-tested proficiency in C, Solidity, Rust, Javascript, WASM and Python. We offer our services on a per-project basis only if we feel we can help and the project is in our area of expertise.

Blockchain Audits

Security is the most critical component of a business application. Our white-hat security specialists offer the best in class Audit services for smart contracts. We offer an extremely in-depth security audit report along with recommended solutions for identified vulnerabilities.

We support smart contracts & applications written in Rust, Solidity, Javascript and WASM.

Pay-per-Bug Costing:

Yep, not a typo! We only invoice if we find a vulnerability. You pay a small retainer to get started, fully refundable if we don’t find any vulnerabilities. Now there’s no reason to launch an unaudited application.

Enterprise Middleware Solutions

Want your stack to talk to Ethereum or Polygon? We can help. We built one of the most extensive middleware services for the last 10 years. We can make your SAP, Odoo, Salesforce, Oracle and Microsoft ERPs talk to any blockchain, and introduce gas and time saving techniques to do this.

We can also help your infrastructure talk to OpenBanking API and e-Invoicing services like Intuit, Xero and other financial software. 

The Dream Call

We offer a 40 minute call free of charge to any project or anyone who wants to start in this space. If you are an existing project, an established project or even just looking for someone to peer review something. Book us for the first call. Its free. Any further engagement is billed on an hourly basis.

Or drop us your email address and let’s talk async!